Best SEO Tools that every online marketer should use

By April 13, 2016SEO

To control a search engine optimization every SEO agency should need some best SEO tools which can be used to create standard websites. There are various SEO tools are available in online markets in free modes, as well as pay modes. When you utilize best SEO tools your multiple issues related to website services would be sort out and would be solved accordingly. Here we discussed some best SEO tools which are high in demand when it comes to the search engine optimization jobs. These SEO tools always work well by helping website designers, website owners, and the website experts.


BuzzSumo is one of the major SEO tools which are available in global markets absolutely in free mode. BuzzSumo helps in searching the popular and most shared articles or topics by the keywords. You can easily find the popular contents from a particular domain too. A variety of videos to various articles can be found from vast social networks by sort it out as BuzzSumo works well to search the particular topic.

Screaming Frog

The highly popular Screaming frog is the tool which is basically the best one for the on-page optimization. With a crawling facility, this tool helps you to find errors in your on-page optimization which errors can decrease the ranking in global search engines. Screaming Frog is highly accepted by the web designers and web developers as it can design Meta description, as well as SEO audit. It is also very useful when it comes to domain structure analyzing.


SpyFu is a very useful tool as it works amazingly while the research is based upon competitive markets. The tool is absolutely helpful to get an idea about the strategy of other existing websites of online marketing business. You would get an apparent idea about the keywords are using by your rival companies and which keywords are essential to run their business with a high ranking in search engines. To set your own business strategy the acceptance of SpyFu is absolutely best idea.

Google Keyword Tools

This very systematic and useful tool is absolutely amazing for various search engines. Google keywords tools try to match the exact keywords as per your needs. Google keyword tools help you search your contents swiftly by identify the keywords accurately. Apart from the keyword matches, Google keyword tools also help to identify the correct keywords and multiple phrases of keywords to score the largest extent. This one is very vital and popular SEO tool and it is available in absolutely free mode.

Majestic Tool

The Majestic tool is one of the best tools when it comes to various trust flow and extract flow. This tool is generally used in the link-building drive. The Majestic tool is also used to download a directory of backlinks, as well as to identify lost links and new links.

Moz Toolbar

Moz Toolbar comes with multiple indicators which give you signal whether a site you are going through is well enough to get links you are looking for or not. You can use Page authority and Domain authority which two are very useful indicators.

These are some SEO tools which are the best when it comes to multiple web designing and content updating formats.